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Redmond Sedation Dentistry Eases Your Dental Fears

By: Redmond Signature Dentistry
April 6, 2023

Let’s face it: Visiting the dentist can be anxiety-inducing for many patients. Studies reveal that 20% of individuals with severe anxiety will only seek dental care when absolutely necessary. If you’re in Redmond and desire a more relaxed dental experience, consider the expertise of a Redmond sedation dentist.

Regular dental checkups are crucial, not only for maintaining oral health but also for safeguarding your overall well-being. Dr. Stonebraker, our Redmond sedation dentist, understands the fears and concerns of Redmond dental patients and has worked to establish a comfortable environment for everyone, regardless of their anxieties. If the thought of visiting the dentist makes you anxious, here are a few reasons why Redmond Family Dentistry can help alleviate your fears:

Redmond Sedation Dentist


1. Redmond Sedation Dentists Listen:

Feel free to share your worries from the moment you call to book an appointment. Our team prioritizes your concerns, whether it’s a past bad experience, fear of needles, or apprehension about specific aspects of your appointment. We promise to attentively listen and fully understand your feelings.

2. Solutions from a Redmond Sedation Dentist:

Dr. Stonebraker will present a comprehensive range of options and information, allowing you to make an informed decision about your treatment. We won’t rush you into a decision you’re uncomfortable with. We also provide safe, effective dental sedation tailored to your needs, helping you overcome dental fears.

3. Concerned about Cost or Time?

In addition to general dental fears, some patients worry about the cost or duration of necessary treatments. Rest assured, we’ll discuss your options thoroughly, ensuring you’re comfortable with every aspect of treatment. Depending on the procedure, there may be multiple time and budget-friendly options available. We offer flexible appointments, including evenings and weekends, to accommodate your busy schedule.

Our Treatment Coordinator will clarify your dental insurance coverage and guide you through financing options. The decision is ultimately yours, and we’ll provide all the information you need to choose the right treatment for both your dental health and budget.

Discover how we’ve helped others feel at ease by reading patients testimonials. If you’re in seeking a reliable Redmond Sedation Dentist, our positive reviews speak to the comfort we provide during our appointments.

Dental anxiety is a genuine concern, and everyone at Redmond Family Dentistry is dedicated to making your visit stress-free. If you’re nervous about the dentist, give us a call. We’d love the opportunity to alleviate your fears. The Redmond sedation dentists are here for you.

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