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Cerec has been called the ultimate in digital dentistry technology. We call it chairside restoration in a single visit.

This marvelous technology allows the team at Redmond Signature Dentistry to construct, produce, and insert individual ceramic crowns, partials, and other restorations directly at the point of treatment, in a single appointment. These are beautiful, tooth-colored restorations that will last almost a lifetime.

Cerec restoration is a four-step process:

Step 1


In keeping with our minimally invasive philosophy, we will save as much natural tooth structure as possible. We clear only the infected area of your tooth.

Step 2


This is the unique part of Cerec. We take digital impressions with a small camera that fits comfortably in your mouth. Using 3D technology, this camera digitally designs a perfect-fitting crown.

Step 3


The machine crafts your crown quickly, before your eyes.

Step 4


One of our Redmond dentists will expertly place your gorgeous, permanent crown. You’ll walk out of our office smiling, with a restoration that will last almost a lifetime—done in one appointment.

No more making—and keeping—multiple appointments. No more walking around with an uncomfortable temporary, waiting for your crown to be made.

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We are located on the street level across from the Marriott Hotel or directly on the corner of the parking garage.

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