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Our Dedicated Team Is Here To Give You a Personalized Dental Experience Using The Latest Technology in Dental Care.

One of our great joys at Redmond Signature Dentistry is providing comprehensive dental care for your entire family and making your experience as comfortable as possible. We offer not only extensive expertise in a convenient location but also a diverse range of amenities including movie glasses, comfortable pillows, your favorite music on iPod, warm towelettes, and soft blankets, all in a pleasant, soothing atmosphere to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

At Redmond Signature Dentistry, we take great pride in getting to know our patients while providing caring, minimally invasive, technologically advanced dental care to patients of all ages.  We offer the best in family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and more to patients in Redmond and around the Eastside.

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Our Services

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At Redmond Signature, we can get your crowns implemented with the convenience of a single visit.

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From gum contouring to veneering and whitening, we can help get your smile back on track.

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We offer a full range of dental services for you and your family in a convenient environment.

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Benefits of botox treatment include relieving muscular tension and relieving teeth grinding at night.

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Redmond Signature Dentistry Team

Why Redmond
Signature Dentistry?

We know the stereotypes behind going to the dentist so we do our best to have you leaving our office feeling relaxed and looking forward to your next visit.

Located in Redmond
Town Center

We are located on the street level across from the Marriott Hotel or directly on the corner of the parking garage.

Office Hours

Monday: 7am-5pm
Tuesday: 7am-5pm
Wednesday: 7am-5pm
Thursday: 7am-5pm
Friday: 9am-3:00pm
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7530 164th Ave NE #A-130
Redmond, WA 98052


Phone: 425.883.1253
Email: [email protected]