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Our Clear Correct Procedure

ClearCorrect will straighten your teeth invisibly, without metal braces. Most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them.

ClearCorrect aligners can be removed to eat, brush, or floss. Or on special occasions.

Step 1


Make an appointment to see your Redmond Dentist Clear Correct provider. In our office, we will use photos, x-rays, scanner, or impressions to get a great, accurate, 3D picture of your teeth. We will consult with you about your straightening goals.

Step 2


We will provide you with the first in a series of aligners, customized to move the teeth that need to be moved.

Step 3


On subsequent appointments, we will provide a gradual series of aligners, each one moving the teeth gently and gradually to meet your straightening needs.

Step 4


Show off your new, straightened smile!

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