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Whether you’re new to the Redmond area or have been living here for years, we offer a full range of dental services for you and your family.

Our Family Dentistry Approach

We believe in a minimally invasive approach to general dentistry. That means, first and foremost, preventative care: establishing good dental habits and taking the small steps that will, hopefully, prevent the need for larger ones later. In almost any procedure, we will retain as much of the natural tooth material as possible, perform the simplest (which typically means least costly) procedure possible, with the fewest number of required visits and the least amount of time you’ll have to spend in a dental chair. We love having you in our office and chairs, we really do, but we know you have things you’d rather be doing. We try to value your time as much as you do.

We offer the full range of general dental services to patients of all ages. We can do one-sitting crowns with Cerec, treat bacterial infections—and prevent cavities–with Carifree, whiten or restore your smile, and take care of all general dental needs.

We do all of the above in our pleasant, comfortable Redmond office, with a staff dedicated to making your visit as quick, easy, efficient, and productive as possible. We offer amenities including movie glasses, warm towelettes, and soft blankets to increase your ease as much as possible.

For sensitive or anxious patients, we offer sedation dentistry.

Located in Redmond
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7530 164th Ave NE #A-130
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Phone: 425.883.1253
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