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At Redmond Signature Dentistry, we believe that good health and good function go hand-in-hand with good aesthetics. Using Botox to counteract temporomandibular disorders and bite abnormalities results in better health—and improved aesthetics.

Botox Treatment, Procedure & Benefits

Botox is the popular term for botulinum A (and other botulinum compounds). Its injection is linked, in the popular mind, with cosmetic improvements, particularly the removal of facial wrinkles, and the injection of Botox is commonly thought of as being performed by plastic surgeons. It is true that Botox injections will cause a temporary decrease in—and even disappearance of—facial wrinkles and, therefore, a younger, healthier, more attractive look. But there are other, serious, health-improvement benefits to Botox injection and some very good reasons to receive your injections from your Redmond Signature Dentist.

Botox injections can relieve chronic muscular tension in the face, head, and neck, thereby helping fight migraines and other chronic headache and neck-ache problems.

By limiting the over-function of the chewing and grinding muscles, Botox may help patients stop grinding their teeth and clenching their jaws.

Chronically pursed or puckered lips and chins, which frequently result in bite dysfunction, can be treated very effectively with Botox, giving patients better looks, better smiles, and a more functional bite.

The team at Redmond Signature Dentistry is skilled at assessing the balance, function, and overall aesthetics of the face. We are experts when it comes to cranial nerves, their locations, and the best and safest ways to reach and inject them. Botox injections, in our office, will be accomplished with a minimum of discomfort as we have the training, experience and expertise to apply these rejuvenating products. As with all our services, your comfort and convenience are our highest priority.

Botox Frequently Asked Questions

Botox is used to treat a number of problems that arise in the facial, jaw, and neck area. Most patients present with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) and administering Botox paralyzes the muscles, helping the patient relax and reduce symptoms such as clenching and grinding. The pain and discomfort from Bruxism can also decrease once Botox has been administered.

It’s quick, minimally invasive, and relatively painless. Botox typically lasts about 3-4 months and continues working at a greater level with timely scheduled maintenance.

Do you experience any pain or discomfort from clenching or grinding your teeth? Botox may be able to relieve that tight, painful feeling in your facial and jaw area as it’ll help relax the muscles and prevent so much tension.

The doctor will always be the one to administer the Botox and there will be an assistant present to aid them during the procedure.

First, we will schedule you for a 30-minute consult to chat with the doctor about your problems and what you’re looking to achieve. The doctor will then mark the areas of your face/jaw where the Botox will be injected and will be able to proceed with the procedure shortly after that!

You will be able to return to most of your daily activities almost immediately following your procedure. We recommend avoiding strenuous activity or excessive alcohol consumption for the next 24 hours after you have received your Botox injections.

When completed by an experienced doctor, Botox injections are relatively safe. There are a few side effects that could arise such as pain, swelling, or bruising at the injection site. Headache or flu-like symptoms may also occur. Please don’t hesitate to ask your doctor any questions regarding your concerns!

Dental insurance does not cover Botox. However, you may be able to submit it to your HSA/FSA account and get reimbursed.

It’s as simple as picking up the phone and scheduling an appointment! We can typically get patients in for their appointment within a few weeks of that first initial call.

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