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Dentistry in a Single Visit: CEREC Crowns Right Now, Not Weeks From Today

By: Redmond Signature Dentistry
December 20, 2016


Fix a broken crown or tooth fast and in one visit with your Town Center dental office 425 883 1253

What if we told you that you could be in and out of your Town Center dental office with a new dental crown of the highest quality cemented during your lunch break? Well, we prefer to show you with our newest Infographic available free for download!

Redmond Signature Dentistry provides the Redmond area with the highest quality dentistry at the most convenient time and schedule for busy professionals.

Scroll straight to the bottom of this article to download your free copy of our Single Visit CEREC dentistry Infographic.

Let’s go over the specifics of how Redmond Signature Dentistry can make dental restorations in just one visit, as opposed to the alternative of waiting for weeks for the dental lab to send back your restoration.

Teeth, meet CEREC single-visit dental restorations 

In line with our goal to provide the highest level of care for your family in the surrounding areas, our Town Center dental office have taken your traditional view of dental restorations and pushed the entire process into hyperdrive for busy professionals and families.

At Redmond Signature Dentistry, we use the advanced CEREC dental technology to speed up your dental visits when you are in need of restorative work, from fillings and crowns to dental implants.

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. This computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology is used by our dentists for making digital impressions and using those high-resolution digital scans to create an anatomically mirror-perfect tooth replacement or restoration.

Only a handful of dental offices in the United States have this advanced technology in their arsenal of conveniences for busy patients. You can find this prompt service and gentle treatment with our qualified dental experts.

How Does Single-Visit Dentistry Work? [Free Infographic]

Using the CEREC technology means that you can call our dental office near Town Center the moment you experience pain or have cracked, chipped, or broken a tooth.

After the initial assessment to get you out of pain, if all you need is a restoration of the tooth, we can begin taking digital impressions, no more gooey clay molds in your mouth!

Instead of sending you away for a week or 2 with a poorly-fitted temporary tooth while waiting for the dental lab to finish your restoration, you can go home with a natural-looking, high-quality restoration that will last decades with proper hygiene.

Want to see how the CEREC makes perfect dental restorations so fast and precisely?

Download your free copy of our Infographic to learn how CEREC technology:

  • Manufactures top-quality composite dental restorations in minutes
  • Perfectly shapes your new restoration before your eyes
  • Precisely mirrors the color, translucency, and strength of your natural teeth
  • Does not need to use goopy molds to take impressions

Download my free Infographic!

Save The Phone Number for Your Dentist Near Town Center dental office

Accidents happen, and we can all chip or crack a tooth at a work event, a night out fine dining, or during your favorite sport.

We understand that nobody enjoys being in pain or suffering from extreme tooth sensitivity, so we would love for you to save our phone number if this is ever your case.

We serve the Town Center and Redmond, WA area, so if you are in need for great dentistry done right the first time and want to come in during your lunch hour, call us at 425-883-1253.

Our single-visit dental restorations and careful techniques are designed to make your visit with us one of a kind.

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