Why Us?

Because we are confident you and your family will gain a COMFORTABLE DENTAL EXPERIENCE.

The dental office of Redmond Signature Dentistry
Our dentist in Redmond's front office.
The waiting area in Redmond Signature Dentistry
The office of our dentist in Redmond
A dental bay inside Redmond Signature Dentistry
The office of Redmond Signature Dentistry

Feel at home at our office

Redmond Signature Dentistry is right in the heart of the Redmond Town Center. Once you walk through our doors, you'll receive a warm welcome from our office staff. Sit in our dental chair, and our assistants and hygienists can offer many amenities to make your visit more comfortable.

Cozy up to:

  • Movie Glasses
  • Favorite Music with iPods
  • Soft blankets
  • Comfortable Pillows
  • Warm Towelettes
  • Much More...

‘‘It's always a pleasure to visit this dentist office. Pauline at the front desk greeted me with a warm smile. Was nice to see Adair again. Dr. Tony did an excellent job with a tooth composite. Amanda took impressions for a mouth guard and I was so impressed with her technique which made the process so comfortable. Unbelievable! Just a great experience!’’

Nancy F.

Building Your Trust Means Everything to Us

Our trust is earned. We promise to never be pushy towards your dental health. At Redmond Signature Dentistry, we understand life keeps getting busier, which is why we have gone great lengths to make every moment count at your appointment.

Addressing your needs is our number one goal, we've encountered:

  • Busy Schedules
  • Dental Fears
  • Financing Questions

Scroll down to learn how we can help.

‘‘You guys are the best! Excellent patient care and concern for my comfort.’’

Nancy G.

Busy Schedule? We can help!

Does it feel like there's so much to do in a day that it's almost impossible to get everything done? We get that! As your convenient dentists in Redmond, we've made it our mission to offer conveniences to make your day that much easier.

  • Receive restorations in a single appointment.
  • We're open past business hours.
  • Got an emergency? We can get you in quickly.
  • Appointment reminders via text message.
Icon of a calendar with a date marked on it to illustarte how our dentists in Redmond will work around your busy schedule.

‘‘I had a great experience yesterday. The whole experience was speedy. Dr. Stonebraker is awesome, and I'm appreciative that he's thinking about the crown replacement I need in the simplest way. Thanks!’’

Actual Patient at Redmond Signature Dentistry

Scared of the Dentist? You Can Feel safe in our chair.

Icon of a heart to show that we take the fear out of dentistry.

We feel it is our duty to make sure you and your family are truly having a wonderful experience. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. From sedation dentistry to calming comforts, we will do everything in our power to help you relax and feel in control at all times.

  • Cozy up to our blankets and pillows.
  • Watch and listen to your favorite movies and music.
  • Our approach is always minimally-invasive.

‘‘The crown replacement was quick and relatively painless. I felt fine by the next morning, with only a tad bit of pain overnight. Love the ability to watch a movie while they do the work!’’

Elizabeth M.

Financing questions? We are ready to answer any and all questions.

Out of all the dentists in Redmond, we are proud to offer you quality dentistry at an affordable price. We truly want to help you get out of pain or address any dental needs you have. So, we've cerated multiple ways to provide dentistry - you solely deserve - at your own budget.

  • We accept most insurances.
  • CareCredit is available.
  • We offer in-house insurance.
Icon of a wallet to show that we will work with your budget, from insurance to CareCredit to our own in-house insurance options.