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Good Health Starts With Your Mouth

We all want good health, for ourselves and our families. And many recent studies have shown how important your oral health is to your overall health. Our team at Redmond Signature Dentistry are expertly trained to help you and your loved ones to safeguard your oral health with meticulous hygiene treatments and state-of-the-art cavity detection.

We make sure that first, you have a healthy foundation for your teeth, and then treat the individual needs of each tooth - whether it's cleaning, fillings, crowns, or implants. By safeguarding your oral health, we hope to ensure vibrant, good health for all members of your family that they can enjoy for a lifetime.

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We strongly believe in preventative care and CariFree® is an effective system in reducing the risk of cavities - especially if you are prone to them. Ask us today if you would like to start CariFree®.
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Dental Sleep Medicine
Dental Sleep Medicine
Tired of waking up tired? Is snoring interrupting your sleep? This may be a sign of sleep apnea, which can lead to significant health risks. As your dental providers, we can put sleep apnea to rest with oral appliance therapy.
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We love seeing smiles of all ages! Come on in and visit your Redmond dentist every 6 months to ensure you and your family's oral health is in tip-top shape.

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We want you and your family to feel like special guests when you visit us, so you can expect 5-star service and a team who are there to respond to your every need and care.

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